For  flute, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola and Double-bass

Mexico City, Centro Nacional de las Artes, November 26, 2015.


DiscordanciaLuis Torres
00:00 / 04:25


Discordancia is a piece for a Sextet of instruments that combines the possibilities and qualities of each instrument. 

The initial A that is played by the Clarinet, is the fundament of the development of the piece, which will progressively transform in a cluster in the end of the piece. 

Premiered by:

Conductor - Gerardo Roman Cruz

Flute in C - Luis Manuel Sánchez
Clarinet in Bb - Sebastián Villanueva 
Bassoon - Sandra Muciño

Violin I - Fabián Rangel
Viola - Diego Cortés
Double Bass - Alejandro Motta


Designed by Luis Torres Jarquin and Arcelia Medel with photographies of Arcelia Medel.