Improvisation for percussion duo and visuals using live processes with software troikatroniks isadora and max msp 7

Mexico City, Centro Nacional de las Artes, June 2018.

Result of a collaboration with the visual artist Nayeli Gutierrez. 

The piece is related to the spread of bacteria in an appropriate environment and their interaction with other living beings.

In the piece, the two percussionists must interact with each other and try to emulate their partner's sounds gradually until they both reach a climax with the same sound material.

The programming in Max MSP 7 reacts to the sounds produced by the percussionists, taking into account the dynamics, the pitch and the rhythm of the sounds produced by the performers, this information is transmitted through a Wi-Fi connection to another computer that reinterprets the data using the Troikatroniks Isadora program transforming the projected image and reacting to the sounds played by the musicians.

Premiered by:

Percussion 1 - Román García
Percussion 2 - Abraham López



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