"This work shows us the diversity of ways of listening to music, of feeling art..."

Fernando M. Cueto


For chamber orchestra

Mexico City, Theater of Arts, June 21, 2019

Paroxysm is a piece that uses a contemporary orchestration where long harmonies and tenutos contrast with sudden interventions of dynamics and agogics,

The initial chord designates the process of the piece that culminates in a Viola Cadenza that progressively returns to an initial presentation of the first chord transformed to end with a great orchestral tutti.

Premiered by:

Conductor - Fernando M. Cueto

Flute in C and Piccolo - Diego Morábito
Oboe - Iván Herrera
Clarinet in Bb and Bass Clarinet - Francisco Acosta 
Bassoon - Juan Cerda

Horn in F - Arturo Muñóz
Trompet in C - Isaac Mireles
Trombone Tenor - Álvaro Ojeda

Percussion 1 - Román García
Percussion 2 - Abraham López

Piano - Arturo Sandoval

Violin I - Leonardo Chávez
Violin II - Carla Benítez
Viola - Alena Stryuchkova
Cello - Diego Gutiérrez 
Double Bass - Juan José García



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